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Around 1995, I started submitting "envelope art" to Game Informer Magazine, and a number of my works wound up getting published (I might have to try submitting again, just for laughs). In recent years I've tried my hand at poster design contests (just my field, how about that?), and more recently I've made submissions to Threadless.

I'd love to participate in competitions more frequently, but often find myself lacking in time or energy. I realize that's essentially admission that I'm lazy, but then I worked retail for eight years; it'll do that to you (and retail cashiers and customer service reps can back me up on that).

C O N T E S T   E N T R I E S

Django Unchained: Redesigned
May 2013
A well-timed contest from Shortlist to, quite simply, make a Django Unchained poster, which I'd be planning to do in any case. So now I can win stuff for it? Sold! This started on paper, continued in Photoshop, and went back and forth a few times, and along the way it turned more and more into a classic spaghetti western-style poster. Couldn't have asked for a better result.
Guardian 452
November 2010
Reboot's main hero Bob, showing off a bit of a Tron makeover (fitting, given the new Tron film's release and Tron's clear influence on Reboot). Put together for a fan art contest held by the official Reboot website. Drawn and inked on paper, which is an approach I haven't taken in a long while.
Scott Pilgrim: The 8th Evil Ex
September 2010
I decided to enter this contest after the astonishing box-office drowning of the awesome Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. The goal was to invent an eighth 'evil ex-boyfriend', and in tribute to the film's British director Edgar Wright, I made Junk, an anarchic punk with a smash-first-ask-questions-later mentality.
Executioner: No Joke
September 2010
DeviantArt entry. The subject is the 'Executioner', a giant axe-weilding baddie from Resident Evil: Afterlife. I'm not sure where the idea of displaying him on a playing card came from, but it popped in and I went with it. Popular among viewers, but alas, no placement.
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
October 2009
Aint-It-Cool held a competition to redesign the theatrical poster for Nic Cage's not-quite-a-remake of Bad Lieutenant, the goal in mind to communicate the reported craziness and surreality of the film itself. I chose to focus on the insane amount of drugs in which Cage's character indulges.
9: Luxo the Destroyer
September 2009
Another DeviantArt competition, the goal of which to design a robotic creature - constructed from found objects - based on those in the animated film 9. My creation, the body of which includes a lava lamp, hacksaw, and umbrella - is lovingly named 'Luxo' after the Pixar mascot. This piece represents roughly 15-20 hours of digital illustration.
Paper Heart
July 2009
A DeviantArt contest right up my alley: movie poster design! Bit of a strange one, though; design a poster for the film Paper Heart answering the question 'What does love mean to me?' but without using any actual images from the film. So, my entry is an amalgam of various childlike definitions of love, ranging from pop culture (Nat King Cole, 'love is a battlefield', etc.) to simple iconography like the rose or the dancing couple.
Ol' Buddy
July 2009
Threadless design challenge, to illustrate the concept of something 'Pre-Loved'. A common image submitted was that of a beat-up stuffed animal, and I fell into that groove myself, basing my design on a certain stuffed tiger who shall remain nameless. Response to this, particularly the use of the arms, was very positive.
Borden CLVR
May 2009
Ain't-It-Cool News contest, the goal of which was to design a satirical, darkly humorous print ad in the vein of the movie Robocop. I didn't win, but I did make Quint's top 10. Here, I'm poking fun at the numerous multi-blade shaving razors on the market. Warning: Graphic content and cruelty to facial hairs depicted within!
Adidas: Smear
May 2009
DeviantArt and Adidas-sponsored contest, simple titled 'Fingerpainting', in which the entry must somehow incorporate the classic Adidas logo. I dug up an sketch of myself I did in college and used it as the basis for this entry. Obviously an outdated image; I still have hair in it.
G vs E: Heavenly Noogie
April 2009
Wacom and DeviantArt-sponsored contest to depict in whatever fashion the 'good vs. evil' conflict. I based this on an old sketch of myself and a friend from college, though there's a bit of a role reversal; she's a bit more on the devlish side than I am.
Darkstalkers Tribute
March 2009
Udon Entertainment recently held a competition for fans to contribute artwork to an upcoming 'Darkstalkers Tribute' book, like they did for Street Fighter. This digital painting depicts a hypothetical live-action film, featuring the buoyant Scarlett Johannson as popular cat-girl Felicia. Sadly, this entry did not make the cut.
Speak Visual
January 2009
Contest sponsored by DeviantArt and Nvidia. The object was to incorporate the Nvidia logo into the design, and describe how artwork 'speaks visual'. The essay accompanying my entry likely only coroborates accusations of my being brain damaged.
Feel Like Makin'...
January 2009
Submitted for Threadless' 'The Joy of Text' competition. This one got a very good response during scoring, and the final average was my best yet. I had the song in mind when I designed it, but apparently I inspired more 'Home Improvement' flashbacks.
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
November 2007
I'm a huge fan of the movies, and was pretty excited about the TV series (Summer Glau is 'kidnapping plot' adorable). A trip to Hollywood for the premiere party was as stake, and sadly I was not in attendance. By the way, if you're not watching this show, you are terminated!
Death Sentence
July 2007
Studio-sponsored poster design contest, winner got $1000 plus a signed copy of the full-size printed poster. I designed this with those workplace 'motivational posters' in mind. Didn't win, didn't place. Oh well.
Resident Evil: Apocalypse
May 2002
Sony Pictures sponsored a contest to design a poster for the film prior to its release. I'm not bitter that mine didn't make the finals; more that four of the five selected 'finalists' appeared to have taken all of five minutes to produce, leaving only one decent entry that naturally won, and supposedly would have been printed and displayed in theaters (I never saw a single one, myself).
The Darkness
May 2002
This contest, sponsored by Top Cow Comics and, called for a movie poster based on The Darkness. I almost didn't enter this one as I thought it was behind my capability; not only did I prove myself wrong, but the entry took first place. A box of assorted comic book collectibles showed up at my door soon thereafter.

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